Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Frequently Used Keyboard Shortcuts

Some commonly used keyboard shortcuts to make working on your PC faster and more efficient.

Open Task Manager ++
Open Windows Explorer +
Run +
Show desktop +
Minimise all open windows +
Close active window or program +
Switch/Cycle open Windows +
Switch/Cycle open taskbar programs +
Refresh the page or document

Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

Open the Start Menu
Open Windows Help +
Switch between open programs or windows +
Close the active item/exit active program +
Copy the selected item +
Cut the selected item +
Paste the selected item +
Save the active document +
Undo last action +
Select All items in a document +
Display Help for current program or Windows
Cancel current task
Context Sensitive Menu similar to a right click

Keyboard Navigation Shortcuts

Move the cursor or selection one space, character or line in the chosen direction or scroll a webpage in the direction of the arrow  
Move the cursor to the beginning of the line or jump to the top of a webpage
Move the cursor to the end of the line or jump to the bottom of a webpage
Jump to the top of a document +
Jump to the bottom of a document +
Move the cursor or page up one screen
Move the cursor or page down one screen
Delete the character after the cursor or delete the selected text.
In Windows, delete the selected item and move it to the recycle bin
Toggles inset mode off and on When on, (default), typed text is inserted at the cursor. When off, typed text replaces existing characters
Open program’s search function.
In Windows, opens search applet to search in the location where it was activated