James Drove

Clitheroe, Lancashire
I own a small electrician business and came across PCR2U back in 2005 when I was trying to find somebody to perform regular updates to the website. My business partner previously handled that side of things but moved on. I’ve always had great service from these guys and would recommend to anyone in the same position.

Tony Sapley

Alderley Edge, Cheshire
Hired this company to clean our workshop machines once or twice a year and give them a tune-up. We manufacture bespoke furniture and the dust from the lathes and sanders gets everywhere including inside the PC’s. They’ve always been on time and have never cancelled an appointment in 4 years despite the biannual visits.

J. Hall

Knutsford, Cheshire
We had a pretty bad house fire that gutted the upstairs office and damaged the roof and our beloved iMac ended up covered in a fine soot and was unusable. Fortunately, the insurance covered a replacement but the hard drive in the damn thing had all our photos and documents on it. Happy to say that this company saved the day and managed to get eveything back for us onto DVD. +1 for their recovery service.

Andy McNeil

Glossop, High Peak, Derbyshire
Thanks for the same day virus removal! Appreciate the haste and promptness. All the best.

Mrs. B. Brigham

Macclesfield, Cheshire
I switched ISP’s and had a lot of trouble trying to get the new Wireless Router working with my laptop so I called you after a neighbour recommended your company. Your repair man was on time (a rarety these days), and had the router configured within an hour. I’ll be sure to use you again when the need arises.

Andrea Carter

Chester, Cheshire
I’m emailing just to say thanks… again… for removing the popups from my sons laptop. They’d been driving us both to despair and none of the programs we downloaded could remove them. I’ll be sure to call you sooner next time.

Mr. Becker

Alderley Edge, Cheshire
I was most impressed with the NAS Box installation you did for my home business. Now I no longer need to remember to backup my files and documents, nor even my email .pst files. Had I known of the wonders of this technology, I’d have bought one years ago. And the ability to stream music from the box to the family’s gadgets via the built-in iTunes is the icing on the cake. Your technician certainly went the extra mile for me in terms of configuration. Many thanks!

A. J. Bates

Tytherington, Cheshire
We had a Cheshire Police warning message come up on my son’s laptop and called to check how much it would cost. No complains with their prices or service. Happy I called them and pleased they could offer a fast repair. Thanks!

Mike Sawyer

Todmorden, Lancashire
I first phoned this company during the school’s summer holidays a few years ago after a problem that prevented everyone in the house from getting internet and I was impressed by their “calmness under pressure”. We’ve got 4 computers, 2 iPads an iPhone plus other gaming boxes in the house and my work PC is way down the garden in a converted shed so their’s a lot to connect.

Since then they’ve installed a NAS box for us and configured the various systems to automatically backup, they’ve talked with our previous ISP (talktalk) and got them to check out the line, they’ve installed our new Wi-Fi router and a new hi-speed network switch and argued with our new ISP (BT) on our behalf. Very happy to have them in my corner!

Brant Hill

Buxton, Derbyshire
Having previously used a well known high street repairer to fix a startup problem with my desktop PC, only to get it back minus 4GB of RAM and with a different, lesser, graphics card, I was a little hesitant to trust the same company again so I called these people on a recommendation.

The little extra it costs me for a repair is more than made up for by the door-to-door convenience and at my age, I also appreciate their honest, down to earth advice. They don’t make money from selling software or hardware, they aren’t tied to any suppliers or brands and they always give the impression that they’re looking out for my best interests. Truly a breath of fresh air! Thanks for your continued support.

T. Kenealy

Buxton, Derbyshire
Emailed them 8am on Tuesday morning to repair a laptop with a broken screen and explained that I needed it back asap. A tech guy called me back at 8.15 and was here by 9.00. He then called me with a price for the replacement and fitting just two hours later! I had the fixed laptop back in my hands at 8.30am on the Thursday. Fantastic service all round and I’ll be recommending you to my family and friends.

Chris Stevens

Knutsford, Cheshire
I’ve been using PCREPAIR2U for my home business I.T. and must have called them out about 8 times in as many years. They’re punctual, efficient and have always been happy to fight my corner with ISP’s. One of their Techs even spent an hour on the phone to BT insisting that they fit a new Master Socket to correct a problem with our bandwidth. They’ve always gone the extra mile and I’m very happy to recommend them.