Terms & Conditions

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Last updated: October 10, 2011

In these Terms and Conditions the term ‘Company’ refers specifically to PCREPAIR2U.CO.UK and its authorised computer Technicians and representatives. The term ‘Customer’ refers to the party who solicits the services of PCREPAIR2U.CO.UK. All service solicitations to the Company are subject to the following terms and conditions unless otherwise agreed in writing beforehand between the Company and the Customer and in soliciting PCREPAIR2U.CO.UK’s computer services, by any and all means, the Customer is agreeing with these terms and conditions and is consenting to bound by them under UK Law.

1. Service Solicitations

1.1 By soliciting the Company’s computer services, either via telephone, email, website email support form, over the Skype® network, in writing, verbally to a Company representative or by any other means, the Customer is agreeing to enter into contract with the Company and is liable to pay the relevant call-out charges applicable to their geographical location and support type; either residential or business.

2. Service call-out and diagnostic charge

2.1 Residential call-out and initial diagnostic troubleshooting may incur a charge for the Customer’s area. This charge usually increases with distance and the Customer will be informed of the charge prior to soliciting the Company’s services.

3. Appointment Cancellations

3.1 Please provide at least 3 hours telephoned notice if cancelling a pre-arranged appointment with an on-site Technician.
3.1.1 Please Note: We reserve the right to charge the full call-out fee for the Customer’s area and premises type for any cancellation with inadequate notification.

4. Drop-off Service

4.1 Systems repaired after being dropped off with an authorised Company Technician should be collected no later than three days (72 hours), after being notified of the completed repair. For non-compliance, the Company reserves the right to levy storage charges at the rate of £10 per week, or part thereof, per system.

5. Repair Options

5.1 The Company will discuss the Customer’s computer problem and its cause/s with them and will provide the Customer with the necessary information to allow them to make an informed choice regarding the best solution.

6. Repair Viability

6.1 Under certain circumstances, where a Technician judges that a functional repair of a Customer’s system would take several hours or longer, the Technician may recommend that the system drive be reformatted and the operating system be reinstalled. If this is the case, the Technician will discuss this option with the customer.

7. Off-Site Repair

7.1 Should a computer problem or the Customer’s circumstances dictate the continued repair of the computer off-site at the Company’s Workshop, then the attending Technician will issue the Customer with an invoice for work done up to that point which will be billed at the going rate for on-site support and repair. Additional additional work which is then undertaken off-site will be billed at a lower rate.

8. Replacement Parts

8.1 The Company does not sell replacement hardware components. ie. Graphics Cards, Hard drives etc. Should the Customer’s computer problem be due to a failed or failing component, the Company will advise the Customer and provide the Customer with one or more recommendations as to what and where to purchase to facilitate repair.
8.1.1 The Technician can return to install and/or configure the replacement components when the Customer takes delivery. This service is charged at the Company’s standard rates, however, no call-out charge is levied in such circumstance.
8.1.2 Please note: PCREPAIR2U.CO.UK has no affiliation with any 3rd party software or hardware manufacturers or retailers and our advice is always independant and impartial.
8.2 The Company’s Technicians may carry spare leads and common components which may be available for sale to the Customer if the item facilitates effecting a repair, however, availablity is at the attending Technician’s discretion.

9. Failing Hardware

9.1 The Company will not accept any liability for any piece of hardware which fails during the diagnostic or repair procedure, either on or off-site, when the hardware component is already in the process of failing or when it is functioning outside of the boundaries of its designed and intended operating parameters. This applies to hard drives particularly but not specifically or solely.
9.1.1 Please note: The Company will, however, take every reasonable and responsible precaution with and care of the Customer’s computer equipment during diagnostics and repair procedures at all times, both on-site and off-site, on occasions when it is necessary and/or agreeable by both parties to take the Customer’s equipment away for further diagnostics and/or repair.

10. Data Responsibility

10.1 The Company’s Technicians will work responsibly with the Customer’s data at all times and will not disclose it to any third party nor will they copy and/or save and/or retain it outside of the requirements necessary to facilitate diagnostics/repair. Furthermore, the Customer retains ownership of, responsibility for and domain over any and all data copied from their system, for any reason, at all times.
10.1.1 The Company has the facility to back-up a Customer’s individual files and folders or to perform a bit level (exact) copy of the Customer’s hard drive and can do so either at the Customer’s request or if deemed appropriate procedure by the attending Technician and then only with the Customer’s authorisation, however, item 10, clause 2, (10.2), below, is the Company’s working policy and the onus for data responsibility remains with the Customer at all times.
10.1.2 Please note: In all circumstances, any and all saved Customer data will be securely and permanently deleted from the Company’s storage medium within two days, (48 hours), of effecting repair.
10.2 The Customer is responsible for all data contained on any and all storage mediums associated with their computer system/s and the Company assumes that the Customer has previously followed a duplicating data back-up procedure to ensure that all important, stored information remains available to the Customer via a back-up should any data loss occur during Company diagnostics and/or repair.

11. Guarantee

11.1 Any work undertaken by an authorised PC Repair 2U Technician is guaranteed and the Customer will be issued with a receipt for the work detailing the steps taken by the Technician to rectify the call-out and/or actual problem. In the unlikely event that the same problem occurs due to the same cause/s within 30 days from the service date, no charges will be made by the Company to revisit the Customer and remedy the issue. However, should the revisiting Technician determine that the call-back problem did not result from the original cause then the Company’s standard call-out/diagnostic and repair charges will apply.
11.1.1 Please note: The guarantee does not apply to situations involving viruses, trojans, malware, rogueware and rootkits etc. where the Customer has not followed the Company’s advice and where the Customer has neglected to take any preventative measures to ensure that a further infection does not occur. ie. Failing to purchase and install competent anti-virus and/or or security software.
11.1.2 Please note: The guarantee does not apply to a failure or problem with replaced hardware which was purchase by the Customer from a third party vendor to solve the original issue. Specifically, where the problem is caused by a fault with the replacement part and not with the Technician’s previous repair and/or installation and/or configuration. In such circumstances, the Customer will need to return the faulty hardware to the vendor for replacement.

12. Payment Terms

12.1 All call-out, diagnostic and/or repair fees are payable on completion, either to the attending technician in cash, by cheque when accompanied with a guarantee card or by credit or debit card through the Company’s Website payment gateway which is located at http://pcrepair2u.co.uk/payments/
12.2 Small-business customers to whom the Company has provided computer repair, file or website development services may also be offered the option to pay via invoice within 15 days of the service date, invoice date or agreed payment date, subject to status.
12.2.1 The Company reserves the right to refuse deferred invoice payment at its sole discretion.
12.2.2 Please note: The Company reserves the right to charge the Customer interest on late invoice payments for services and/or website development work at the rate of 20% of the outstanding invoice value per month or part thereof.
12.3 Please note: Should the Technician be asked to wait for, or to accompany a Customer whilst they acquire payment funds for services rendered, eg. from a cash machine, then the Company reserves the right to impose an extra charge to cover the Technician’s additional time and/or fuel at a rate of £15.00 per half hour or part thereof.