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Solar System Scope: Interactive Solar System

Solar System Scope website

Working in I.T. services, we tend to spend more than our fair share of time on the internet and every now and again on our web travels, we come across a real gem.

For example, this amazing interactive model of the solar system, coded by the good people at This represents the first part of a much bigger project that SunAeon’s working on which should include a realistic earth, a planet explorer and an interactive “cycles in nature” model to name just a few.

We’re most impressed with the aesthetic of this first model, which they call Solar System Scope. The version you see here on the page is an embedded, interactive flash video and allows permits zooming in and out with the mouse-wheel or rotation around a selected planet using the mouse buttons. Clicking on a planet offers up a two options; Visit Planet or Distance Meter. Hovering the mouse pointer over a star displays the distance from Sol, our Sun to that star.

The full online version of SunAeon’s Solar System Scope is avilable at and includes some wonderfully etheric music to set the perfect mood.

Please install latest Flash Player to run Solar System Scope

Visit the Portal

I can’t wait to see more from this group after seeing how much fun the program is and I encourage everyone to check out their home portal website at, which is also written with Flash. It’s remarkable how far technology and the resulting possibilities have progressed in that area. Simply beautiful.