Local Links

One of the toughest things for a company like ours to get right is self-promotion. Getting the word out about our services can be a slow and time consuming process. After all, when we’ve repaired a PC or provided a service, we generally won’t see that customer again for a year or two and so promotion is an ongoing thing.

Some of the links on this page are to local businesses who support us by hosting our flyers or business cards, others are companies who regularly use our services and others still are local companies that we admire just for what they do.

Name: Riverside Organic
Website: www.riversideorganic.co.uk
Address: Shipbrook Hill Farm, Manor Lane, Whatcroft, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 7RH
Tel: 01606 46258
Opening Hours: Garden Center
      Tuesday – Friday10am – 5.30pm
      Saturday10am – 5pm
      Sunday11am – 4pm
Description: Riverside Organic is a family run farm, farm shop and cafe in Whatcroft, just out side Davenham in Cheshire. Offers a large range of organic produce from their farm including organic beef, organic lamb, organic chicken, organic eggs, herbs, organic veg and organic fruit. Produce can be bought from the farm shop or purchased online and delivered.
Name: Art in Interiors
Website: www.art-in-interiors.com
Contact Email: info@art-in-interiors.com
Description: Art-in-interiors.com is an Interior designer’s online resource, showcasing original paintings, digital artwork, photography, jewellery, ceramics etc. all in an interior setting.
Name: Willowpool Garden Center & Baron Antiques
Website: www.willowpool.co.uk
Address: Burford Lane, Lymm, Cheshire WA13 0SH
Tel: 01925 757 827
Opening Hours: Garden Center
      Monday – Saturday9am – 6pm
      Sunday10am – 6pm
Opening Hours: Tea Room
      Winter10am – 5.30pm
      Summer10am – 6pm
Description: Sonny Baron van Brunsveld’s unique Antique & Garden Center with a fantastic tea-room is an experience not to be missed!