Repair Charges

Last updated: June 18, 2013
Diagnostic Repair Charges Repair Time
CALL-OUT FREE1 from £592 Same Day
COLLECT & RETURN FREE from £793 4 day, 2 day, next day
REMOTE REPAIR FREE from £494 Same Day
1 A local Call-Out and diagnostic is available for free but charges increase with distance and a small additional charge of between £10 – £45 may be applicable to locations further afield. Please contact us for prices. 2 At home repair is charged at a fixed £35 p/h or part thereof with a £59 charge for the first hour. 3 Listed price is for a local 4 day collect, repair and return. 4Remote Repair and Remote Support are pre-paid services available by appointment. Remote Repair starts at just £49. Remote Support services are available from just £25.
Call-Out Hourly Rate Repair Time
ONSITE REPAIR from £651 £752 Same Day
OFFSITE REPAIR from £503 £50 Within 2 days
1 A local, small-business Call-Out and computer diagnostic is available from £65 and charges increase with distance. Please contact us for call-out prices for your location. If the visiting technician can’t repair the fault onsite, you’ll be offered a collect and return service. The call-out fee is payable in both instances. 2 Onsite repair is charged at a fixed £75 p/h or part thereof. 3The listed price is for local business collection and return and increases with distance. Please contact us for the collect and return prices for your location. 4Remote Business Repair and Remote Business Support are by appointment only and are charged at £45p/h.