Backup Solutions

A backup solution that works for you!

A data backup solution that works for you!

  • Simple, tailored batch file driven, auto-backup to a second Hard Drive
  • Automatic RAID Backup to mirrored disk drives
  • Automatic backup to a Network Attached Storage Box (NAS BOX) Installation and configuration
  • Automatic backup to the Cloud

We all have information that we can’t afford to lose, even if it’s just holiday pictures. We have several backup methods up our sleeve and will happily recommend the best one for your requirements and circumstances. A basic and simple solution can be accomplished in minutes by using built in Windows functions and an external hard drive. Alternatively, maybe a Network Attached Storage (NAS) Box would offer a more robust and failure proof solution? Once we know what you need to and the hardware you’re using we can advise further.

Backup Solutions start from just £59 via our Call-Out Service.

A PCREPAIR2U Technician can also configure a simple, tailored batch-file backup solution to automatically backup your important files and folders to a second hard drive over a remote connection. Please see our Remote Support service page.

Prices are location and problem dependent and exclude the cost of additional hardware.