System Upgrades

Give your system a speed boost with an upgrade

Give your system a speed boost with an upgrade.

  • Upgrade to a Solid State Drive
  • Add a second internal storage drive
  • Add extra and/or Faster Memory
  • Install a better Graphics Card or CPU
  • Add a new DVD Burner or Blu-Ray Drive
  • Add a second optical drive for easier disk copying
  • Upgrade to a better Motherboard
  • Reassemble components into a new Computer Case
  • Add Video Editing Capability

Let us know what you’re after and we can perform most of the above upgrades at your home or residence via our Call-Out Service.

Some of the more time consuming upgrades such as a new Motherboard, Case Swap-out as well as a Hard Drive to Solid State Drive upgrade which entails cloning your current drive to the new drive prior to swapping out, may be cheaper to perform with our Collect & Return Service but they can be performed on-site if required.

A Call-Out upgrade is available from £59 and a 4 day Collect & Return upgrade, parts availability permitting, is available from £79.

Prices are location and upgrade type dependent and exclude the cost of new hardware.