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We provide computer support and repair services across the North West of the UK. To help get your computer up and running, we have three, low cost, convenient repair and support methods and we charge a flat fee for each. We also offer a choice of computer services to complement our repairs and most them can be performed in your home or at our workshop and even via a secure, remote connection.

Our Repair Services

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Available in Cheshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Derbyshire (High Peak and Derbyshire Dales) and North Staffordshire.

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Take advantage of our convenient Collect, Repair and Return service with 4 day to next day returns available.

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If your PC loads into Windows and connects to the internet then we can usually repair the problem remotely.

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Convenient Repairs and Simple Pricing

We repair Blue screens of death, broken screens, malware, general faults, bad power ports etc. We offer different ways to fix your system. Get in touch and we will be happy to discuss the best method.
  • Avoid the inconvenience of dropping off your faulty computer at a repair shop
  • Avoid the delay waiting for the call to say it’s ready
  • Avoid the hassle of collecting it, carting it back home and setting it up again
  • Avoid the disappointment of realising that it isn’t properly fixed

Call out PCREPAIR2U and we’ll either fix your computer problem in front of you or we’ll take the machine back to our workshop, repair it, then return it. But our efforts don’t end there! The returning technician will set the machine up again for you and demonstrate that the original fault has been rectified.

Which Support Method?

Get in touch and we will be happy to discuss the fastest or cheapest way to fix the problem.
If you’re in any doubt about which service best suits your computer problem, then please give us a call, send us a support email, or use the Quick Contact form in the right hand column and we’ll be happy to advise you on the fastest or cheapest way to fix the problem.